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Review: #AlterEgoExhibit featuring @Klingatron @guymckinley @richtpaint @RobertMBall @SomeMug @WarwickJC @WasteStudio

May 10th saw the opening of the Alter Ego Exhibition held at Red Bull Studios, London, a show curated by Klingatron, one of the artists on show.

According to Klingatron, the idea of the show was to explore the idea of having a second identity, bringing together a variety of styles, with each artist studying the theme of a second personality through a mutual influence of popular culture comic books. What’s not to love!?

The beauty of this show is that you don’t need to be into street art to enjoy it, as the comics and superhero angle helps massively, especially coming so close on the heels the Avengers movie (I NEED to see that again!).

Anyhow, the exhibition welcomes a variety of illustration styles, including, screen prints, graffiti, stencils, street art and photo-realistic painting. 

Each artist brought a totally unique flavour and approach to the show. 

Klingatron: Deft n detailed Stencil action with a wicked touch off  freehand. That freehand element was most obvious in this HULK piece, which a friend of mine bought, making me green with envy…….. See what I did there?

Smug (SmugOne) is somebody whose work I got to see for the first time in Bristol last  year for the ‘See No Evil’ show. The boy has skills and his clever twist of crossing popular HipHop stars with Marvel heroes delivered with his photo-realistic spray can skills will amaze!!

Robert Ball's work proved immediately popular and easy on the eye, especially with the females. His style comes from an illustration and design background and his Superheroes carried a unique and dynamic geometric feel. 

WJC's distinctive scratchy controlled style, brought and instantly recognisable comic style to his sketches and illustrations and he should blatantly follow and do a full comic…….. just saying!

Waste brought masses of personality when creating his characters. His was the most varied in terms of media and I especially liked his screen printed DOOM! So I bought the Tee! (I now need to play MF Doom when putting it on)

Guy McKinley creates a look with his brush work for his paintings are just incredible. What made his work special was watching his posts as he built up the images. But they don’t do justice to the quality of the brush work up close.

Cottonmouth (RichT) is pure jokes! And shows in his ‘No One Likes Cyclops’ limited edition comic and reworking of classic Marvel covers. His wall pieces show a mass of comic influence and his use of black ink makes me jealous. (He’s also nailed ‘comic hair’, which I struggle with massively)

The show itself had everything: a full house, no one struggled ‘to get’ the work on display, heavy beats, free drinks and the Xmen cartoon on the big screen!…… Yeah I loved it!

Show is on till May 16th, get involved!

And links to the Seven artists involved can be found below: 

  1. Waste, @WasteStudio -
  2. Cottonmouth (RichT) , @richtpaint -
  3. Guy McKinley, - @guymckinley -
  4. Klingatron, - @Klingatron -
  5. Robert Ball, - @RobertMBall -
  6. Smug,- @SomeMug
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